Office and Workplace

Logitech’s Solar Keyboard

It may have been out for a while and it may have been Logitech’s first attempt at a solar-powered keyboard, but the Logitech K750 is definitely still kicking considering the rave reviews it’s received. As it generates power from light sources, just about any office-like accommodation will ensure that your keyboard is always powered....
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Solar Plane Begins 24-Hour Test Flight

Seven years of hard-work recently culminated in the beginning of a 24-hour test flight of the HB-SIA, an experimental solar-energy powered aircraft. This unveiling comes with a sigh of relief as the flight has already been delayed once due to technical issues with the communications equipment. The intentions of the team are to take...
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Reusable Grocery Bags and Bacteria

Society has seen a quick adoption of reusable grocery bags, especially with legislative measures in their favor in several cities/states/countries  (like Washington DC and the Republic of Ireland). This progressive adoption is understandable on at least three counts outside of these two places as well. Firstly, as these bags are convenient for grocery stores,...
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Clothing and Accessories

YoGen: A Green Alternative to Emergency Energy

I generally type at about 65 WPM, and I like to think that this is a quite a bit faster than a typical computer user especially considering that I’ve never actually taken any typing classes. I amassed this WPM on nothing but experience, hooked to a glaring computer screen since the age of five...
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