Earth Baby compostable biodegradable diaper serviceDisposable baby diapers are having a huge impact on our planet by filling our landfills and waste dumps with bulky long lasting plastics. Those dedicated eco conscious parents out there are bringing about a resurgence in cloth diaper services, but how earth friendly is all of that water usage and chemical detergents used to clean them? Then there is just the hassle of pins and getting the diapers to stay, its enough to just make you want to let your baby roam diaper-less. Dear green baby parents: your perfect solution has arrived!

Earth Baby has stepped in with a wonderful solution to your baby diaper woes with their compostable diaper service. Biodegradable baby diapers have been around for awhile and are usually made from a corn based plastic (similar to those compostable/biodegradable food containers or packing peanuts), however, landfills don’t compost very well. Unless you are doing something special to compost them yourself, they aren’t actually biodegrading much faster than traditional plastic disposable diapers. Earth Baby’s service takes your sustainable rating one step further than just buying biodegradable diapers, and actually composts them for you.

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The Earth Baby services offers Nature Babycare Compostable Diapers and wipes, delivering them directly to your door with every pickup. The diapers absorbent layer contains a combination of natural unbleached FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood pulp and super-absorbent gel. The wipes they use are 100% chlorine and fragrance free so as not to irritate sensitive baby skin.

The composting process itself isn’t too complicated, but requires higher heat than most backyard composting piles. Earth baby uses a regulated industrial composting facility to compost the diapers and wipes to ensure the safe removal of all pathogens. The result is a high quality clean soil, usually utilized as fill in construction projects and other non-agricultural applications.

The service is a very reasonable $24.99 a month (which includes multiple baby households). Several other organic and sustainable baby products are also for sale on their website, which can be added to your order and delivered right to your door. Currently the service is only available for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, but they are expanding, so check out their website and suggest they start a service in your area.